Glenn Harp & Sons, Inc.


What is a tail or a flap?
A tail or flap is normally on one (or both) end of a tarpaulin body to hang down on the front or the rear to make tarping a load easier. Example: Standard Lumber Tarp (SL18) 8' drop with 8'x 8' tail.

What is a gusset?
This is an extra small flap sewn to each side of a tail to act as a rain flap.

What is a drop?
This is a term to refer to the height of the load. Example: A trucker has an 8' high load which equals 8' drop; so on a normal 8' wide trailer, the tarp would need to be 24' wide; 8' wide trailer + 2 sides * 8' high = 24'.

What are Dee Rings and Dee Bands?
Dee Rings are steel rings shaped like a "D", which should be welded to prevent them from separating when a load is put on, such as tying down a tarpaulin. Dee Bands are a strip of webbing, 1.5" black polypropylene, to which a Dee ring is attached with a 2" seatbelt type webbing. Dee bands are sewn on and spaced according to the customer's needs; our standard Dee ring spacing is 30" on center unless otherwise specified by the customer.

How do I measure my truck for a tarp?
The bed of the truck is a good start, such as 8' wide by 20' long. Then determine the height of the load you will carry, such as 4' tall. Add the width of the truck to the height you will need on each side, ex: 8' wide + 4' tall + 4' tall = 16' in width. Next, decide if you will need to cover the ends of the load as well, if so, then a tail may be added on each end. The tail would need to be the width of the truck by the height of the load; 8' x 4'. So in this case the size of the tarp needed would be: 16' x 20' with an 8' x 4' tail on each 16' width. If your loads are sometimes shorter, Dee bands and Dee rings can be added to adjust the height of the tarpaulin.

When buying an electric tarping system, is the GHS 2600HT the only thing I need to buy?
If this is the first tarping system, manual or otherwise, you will also need a tarp and a wand system to complete the covering and un-covering of your load.

What type of steel or aluminum wand system should I choose?
The type of steel or aluminum wand system is determined by many factors, such as the design of your truck, the appearance of the finished product and the price. The Steel Arms come with angled upper arms and torsion springs.

The Aluminum Arm series is our most popular system with enclosed torsion springs or under-mount spring assemblies. You can choose from straight or angled upper arms. These units are also available for the longer trailers, not just for dump trucks.

Do you carry chain driven motors?

What are the pros and cons of chain driven vs. direct drive motors?
The main difference in the two motors is that direct drive motors do not have chains and sprockets to come loose.

What are the warranties for your products?
Tarpaulins: Since we have no way of knowing how they will be used or the conditions of use, we offer a 90 day manufacturer materials and workmanship warranty on all of our tarpaulins.

GHS 2601 Motor: We offer a 3-year warranty on these motors. If you have a problem with this motor during the first 3 years, please contact us for more details. (See warranty card for details)

GHS 3501 Motor: We offer a 3-year warranty on these motors. If you have a problem with this motor during the first 3 years, please contact us for more details. (See warranty card for details)

What is your return policy?
Our policy is as follows: Custom made tarps are not returnable. Stocking items in brand-new, unused condition and still in original packaging may be returned within 14-days of invoicing, a 15% restocking fee will be charged. Customer must call our office and obtain an RGA number to mark the return with. Once the item is received back and inspected, a credit/check will be issued minus the restocking fee.