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Everything You Need to Know About Steel Coil Tarp

Import 18oz Flatbed Coil Cover

So what exactly is a steel coil tarp? I’m glad you asked! A coil tarp, also known as a coil bag or a coil cover, falls under the flatbed tarp category, and it is a tarp shaped like a cylinder to protect loads with special shapes, specifically steel coils, from damage.  Coil tarps are designed […]

EDPM Rubber Tarp Bumper (GHS 8604)

GHS 8604 - EDPM Rubber Tarp Bumper
  • GHS 8604 are for use with GHS 8600 series tarp systems.
  • Shields the crossbar from impacts against the dump body.
  • Prevents the tarp from resting on the dump body and extends life of tarps.
  • Slides onto the tarp crossbar and sit inline with the lengthwise edges of the dump body.

Manual Tarp Systems for Dump Trucks 101

Why do I need manual tarp systems for my dump truck? Which option is best for me and my needs? When new to the trucking industry, the amount of rules and regulations can be quite overwhelming. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that dump trucks, which often carry loose material, be covered preventing […]