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*Installation only in Stone Mountain, GA following scheduled inspection and customer agreeing to service quote.

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Dump Truck Products

Dump Truck Products including Dump Truck Tarps, Dump Truck Tarp Systems, and Dump Truck Accessories.
Affordable, industry leading systems and parts available for online order, in-store pick up or installation. Harp’s Tarps is a family-owned business that supplies haulers with quality American-made products and has been doing so for over 40 years.
Our Dump Truck Tarps catalog includes PVC Mesh Tarps, Solid Vinyl Tarps, and Lumite Mesh Tarps for any size dump bed.
    • PVC Mesh Tarps and Lumite Tarps are recommended for hauling sand, rock, and debris.
    • Solid Vinyl Tarps are recommended for hauling asphalt and are guaranteed to keep your load hot on the road. DOT and non-DOT style tarps available.
All our domestic tarp options are sewn in our warehouse in Stone Mountain, GA and will last from 9 months to a year on average. Our tarps are cost efficient, since they will last several times longer than the competition.
Our Dump Truck Systems catalog includes Dump Truck Arm Systems and Dump Truck Wind-Up Units.
Complete Dump Truck Tarp Systems are available for haulers looking to completely outfit their vehicles. We stand behind the lifetime value of our product and each system is guaranteed to last for years. Furthermore, we provide a 3-year motor warranty for our electric systems. To see an overview of our Dump Truck Tarp Systems, click here.
Our Tarp System Parts catalog includes replacement parts and accessories for our tarps and tarp systems. Rubber bungees, tarp springs, wire, and switch kits are all available for online order.
Have questions about our tarps, tarp systems, or accessories? Contact us or request a quote.