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Lumber Tarps

What are Lumber Tarps?

Lumber Tarps are flatbed tarps specifically built with 6 or 8 foot drops and a tail to protect cargo loads from harsh environmental conditions on the road. We offer 6 and 8 foot drop tarps in standard, lightweight, and three-piece models using 14 oz. and 18 oz. vinyl.

These flatbed tarps are typically purchases in sets of two by haulers to fully cover a load. These tarps have either 2 or 3 sets of triple-sewn Dee-Bands that can be adjusted to fit a variety of loads. All of our flatbed lumber tarps are water and heat resistant to ensure that your cargo gets to its destination safely.

What makes a Lumber Tarp?

There are several key components to these tarps, which we define as:

Heavy Duty PVC Coating

Our lumber tarps are made from pure 18 oz. and 14 oz. vinyl to prevent the tarp from fraying over time. This material is guaranteed to keep your load safe and dry through harsh weather conditions on the road.

Reinforced Tarp Tail and Gussets

At Harp’s Tarps, we bar weld each tail on our American-made lumber tarps to ensure longevity. Each tarp requires a heavy duty tail to withstand the backwards force of the load.

Dee-Bands and Dee-Rings

Our standard 8 Foot Drop Lumber Tarps will feature 3 rows of Dee-Bands along the side and tail of the tarp. Dee-Bands are triple sewn onto the tarp at 30 inches, 60 inches, and 90 inches up the side length.

Our light weight 6 Foot Drop Lumber Tarps will feature 2 rows of Dee-Bands along the side and tail of the tarp. Dee-Bands are triple sewn onto the tarp in 26 inch intervals up the side length.


Rust-resistant brass grommets are placed every 2 inches to allow haulers to secure the tarp with rubber bungees to the flatbed.

Why choose a Lumber Tarp?

There are many benefits to choosing a Lumber Tarp. A main benefit is that these tarps are built to be larger than steel tarps. Since lumber is not as dense as steel, the loads can be taller. To accommodate taller loads, lumber tarps will often have either 6 Foot Drops or 8 Foot Drops.

This style of tarps is also specifically built with a tail to support the strain of the load caused by a truck’s forward momentum. We bar weld the tail on each lumber tarp to ensure a longer life for the tarp. Our lumber tarps also feature a sewn in gusset to keep the load dry and safe throughout your trips.

Variations of Lumber Tarps

There are three different styles of that we offer, including:

Standard Lumber Tarps

Our Standard Flatbed Tarps that are made from heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl on the top, sides, and tails.

Light Weight Lumber Tarps

Our Lightweight Tarps are made from 18 oz. vinyl on the top and 14 oz. vinyl on the sides. We do this to make the tarp easier to use while also maintaining the integrity of the tarp.

Three-Piece Lumber Tarps

Our Three-Piece Tarps feature a set (2) of end tarps and a center piece tarp. Three-piece tarps are great for hauling a variety of loads are often called a “universal flatbed tarp” due to their versatility on the road.

How do you use a Lumber Tarp?

If you’re just getting started in the hauling business, we highly recommend you read our Flatbed Tarp Guide.

While your tarp keeps your load protected, you also have to make an effort to protect the tarp itself. In our guide, we talk about the necessary tools for the flatbed business and how to get the most mileage out of your tarp.

Why choose Harp’s Tarps Lumber Tarps?

Because we are a small, family-owned business that has been supplying haulers across the United States since 1976. Our domestically-produced flatbed tarps are:

    • Made in USA

    • Last longer

    • Built using quality materials

We know how hard you work for your money and we want you to get the most value from your purchase.

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