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Dump Truck Tarps

Nothing keeps your cargo protected like our signature dump truck tarps. For over 40 years, we’ve supplied quality, American-made tarps to asphalt, rock, and sand haulers around the country.

Harp’s Tarps gives you the most bang for your buck. We take pride in providing the longest lasting, most durable tarps for dump trucks in the business.

We create our signature dump truck tarps using high quality mesh and pure vinyl-coated fabric, making them perfect for any haul. All of our tarps are made from a single seamless piece of fabric to prevent welds from coming apart. Additionally, our tarps come with webbing reinforced edges and corrosion-resistant brass grommets. Our mesh tarps have a sewn, vinyl-reinforced pocket. We guarantee our tarps will last several times longer than the competition.

We want you to work smarter, not harder. Why settle for a cheap tarp? A quality tarp means fewer replacements, saving you time and money in the long run.

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To hear an overview of our Dump Truck Tarp Systems click here: Tarp System Videos.