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Mesh Tarps

What are PVC Mesh Tarps?

PVC Mesh Tarps are the mesh-coated tarps for dump trucks and dump trailers to protect cargo loads on the road. PVC Mesh Tarps are one of the most standard styles of dump truck tarp. They are built with a pocket and grommets on the end to attach to the Tarp Arm System crossbar and Tarp Wind-up System of a dump truck to prevent objects from leaving the dump bed while in transit.

Over the last 40 years, Harp’s Tarps has been supplying haulers with lee-style rhino mesh dump truck tarps. Our PVC Mesh Tarps are prefect for hauling sand, rock, and gravel.

Haulers in most states across the United States are required by law to tarp their loads to protect themselves and other drivers on the road. Purchasing a dump truck tarp will help you to avoid costly fines on the road as enforcement increases in the near future.

What makes a Dump Truck Tarp?

There are several key components to these tarps, which we define as:

Rhino Mesh Coating

Our signature Dump Truck Mesh Tarps feature a pure PVC mesh coating, known as “Rhino Mesh,” that will last 30-40% longer than the competition.

Seamless Single-Piece Construction

Our dump truck tarps are made using a single piece of fabric to ensure that welds and do not come apart on the road.

Webbing Reinforced Edges

Our dump truck tarps are built with secure double-stitched webbing reinforced edges to prevent fabric from fraying and to increase the lifespan of the tarp.

Reinforced Tarp Pocket

Our dump truck tarps are built to have a reinforced pocket with grommets to prevent sliding on the tarp crossbar. The typical dump truck tarp that we offer will have a 6 inch tarp pocket to attach to a tarping system.


Rust-resistant brass grommets are placed on both ends of the tarp for easy attachment and to prevent sliding on the road.

Why choose a PVC Mesh Tarp?

There are many benefits to choosing a Dump Truck Tarp. Our signature dump truck tarps are built using high-quality rhino mesh fabric, making them perfect for any haul.

All of our tarps are made from a single seamless piece of fabric to prevent welds from coming apart. Furthermore, our tarps come with webbing reinforced edges and corrosion-resistant brass grommets.

It is our guarantee that our tarps will last several times longer than the competition. Purchasing our tarps will save you money from costly tarp replacements and fines from law enforcement on the road.

Variations of PVC Mesh Tarps

There are three different styles of PVC Mesh Tarps for dump trucks that we offer, including:

7 Foot Width – LSM7 Series

Our signature Rhino Mesh Dump Truck Tarp with 7 foot wide reinforced pocket. Our LSM7 Series Tarps are available for dump trucks up to 40 feet long or longer.

7 Foot 6 Inch Width – LSM76 Series

Our signature Rhino Mesh Dump Truck Tarp with 7 foot 6 inch wide reinforced pocket. Our LSM76 Series Tarps are available for dump trucks up to 40 foot long or longer.

How do you use a PVC Mesh Tarp?

If you’re just getting started in the hauling business, we highly recommend purchasing a tarp for your dump bed. Legislation is passing across the United States that is increasing enforcement of load-tarping on the road.

Our tarps are domestically-produced and are guaranteed to get you the most value for your purchase. Our tarps keep your load protected while maintaining their structural integrity longer than the competition.

To attach a Dump Truck Tarp to a Dump Truck Tarping System, simply slide the crossbar through the tarp pocket and attach the other end of the tarp with grommets to the tarp wind-up system.

To hear an overview of our Dump Truck Tarp Systems click here: Tarp System Videos.

Why choose PVC Mesh Tarp from Harp’s Tarps?

Because we are a small, family-owned business that has been supplying haulers across the United States since 1976. Our domestically-produced PVC Mesh Tarps are:

    • Made in USA

    • Last longer

    • Built using quality materials

We know how hard you work for your money and we want you to get the most value from your purchase.

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