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Mesh Tarps

PVC Mesh Tarps for Dump Trucks from Harp’s Tarps are made in the USA using heavy duty PVC material. Two styles of our PVC Mesh Tarps are available: 7-foot width (LSM7 Series) and 7-foot 6-inch width (LSM76 Series). Tarp length variations start at 10 feet dump beds and go up to 40+ feet dump beds.

Simply put, these tarps are perfect for hauling sand, rock, and other debris in your dump truck or trailer.

Furthermore, our PVC Mesh Tarps use “Rhino Mesh” material that lasts 30-40% longer. For additional protection, our tarps are built with a 6 in vinyl-reinforced pocket and webbing reinforced edges. Additionally, all our mesh tarps feature a seamless one-piece construction to prevent weak points that will cause issues on the road.

For easy installation, each tarp includes 5 grommets in the front to attach to a Tarp Wind-Up System and a reinforced pocket to sleeve over a Tarp Arm System. Our tarps are compatible with our Dump Truck Tarp Systems and others.

For new customers, we recommend purchasing a PVC Mesh Tarp that is 2 feet longer than the length of your dump truck bed. A longer tarp allows for you to “hump” your dump bed load and avoid any potential damage to the tarp. There are no grommets on the length of these tarps. Additionally, if you are hauling asphalt, visit our solid vinyl tarps page.

We guarantee that our tarps will save you time and money over the long run with fewer replacements. Work smarter and not harder with our American-made dump truck products.

For custom tarp inquiries, please visit our quotes page or contact us.