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Dump Trailer Tarp Systems

What are Dump Trailer Tarp Systems?

Dump Trailer Tarp Systems are manual tarping systems designed specifically for use with smaller landscaping and dump trailers. These systems are designed to be lightweight and easy to use while also keeping your load protected throughout the day.

Dump Trailer Tarp Systems are becoming increasingly important on the road and are even starting to become a requirement. Local governments across the United States are implementing laws to ensure that trailers have adequate tarping systems to protect loads and other drivers on the road.

Our Dump Trailer Tarp Systems are designed to be universal and easy to use, meaning you can put a system on a trailer and immediately starting saving time and money throughout the day.

What makes a Dump Trailer Tarp System?

There are several key components to these systems, which we define as:

Manual Tarp Crank/Winder

The manual tarp crank attaches to the front of the trailer and is used to cover or uncover the trailer bed using a tarp. Mesh tarps are typically attached to the tarp crank via bolts placed through the tarp’s grommets. The manual tarp cranks we offer are 4-position and easy to operate, saving you time and money throughout the day.

Heavy Duty PVC Mesh Tarps

Dump Trailer Tarp Systems rely on a quality tarp to ensure the load is protected throughout a trip. PVC Mesh Tarps attach to the manual tarp crank and can be secured to the dump trailer bed using bungees, cables, or a tarp pull bar. We offer heavy duty PVC mesh tarps that are made in USA and guaranteed to last longer.

Tarp Pull Bars

The Tarp Pull Bar is a long metal bar that attaches to the end of the tarp to hold the tarp in place when fully rolled out. Typically mesh tarps will have a pocket on the end that the tarp pull bar slides through. Tarp pull bars will also have to discs on the side to ride along the sides of the dump trailer.

Why choose a Dump Trailer Tarp System?

There are many benefits to choosing a Dump Trailer Tarp System. We understand the physical demands of landscaping and hauling, meaning we make our systems to save you as much work as possible.

Our manual tarp cranks are built to attach to virtually any trailer and are ready to go from the start. You will see an immediate return on investment with the time saved tarping your load. We want you to spend less time tarping and more time focusing on what’s really important.

Variations of Dump Trailer Tarp Systems

There are two different styles of that we offer, including:

Standard Manual Tarping System

Our standard GHS 1200 / I-LS 1200 manual tarping systems include a aluminum mounting brackets and a telescopic pull bar to adjust to the width of your dump trailer or landscape trailer.

Premium Ratcheting Tarping System

Our premium GHS 1500 / I-LS 1500 ratcheting manual tarping systems are similar to the standard unit and also include a ratchet mechanism on the side to hold the tarp crank in place. This style of system is recommended for when you want to place a manual tarp system on a dump truck since it can be used with tarp arms.

How do you use a Dump Trailer Tarp System?

If you’re just getting started in the hauling business or landscaping business, we highly recommend that you get started with one of our Dump Trailer Tarp Systems.

Our manual tarping systems are easy to install and have pre-drilled mounting brackets that can be bolted or welded to any dump trailer or landscape trailer. Our systems are “plug and play,” meaning that once it’s attached to your trailer, the system is good to go and you can hit the road.

Why choose Harp’s Tarps Dump Trailer Tarp Systems?

Because we are a small, family-owned business that has been supplying haulers across the United States since 1976. Our dump trailer and landscape trailer tarp systems are:

    • Made in USA

    • Last longer

    • Built using quality materials

We know how hard you work for your money and we want you to get the most value from your purchase.

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