Choose the Right Tarp for Your Flatbed Trailer

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When it comes to flatbed trailers, there are many options available. Which tarp for your flatbed trailer should you choose? It depends on what you’re hauling, but two of the most popular choices are steel tarps and lumber tarps. Both types of tarps have their advantages and disadvantages, so here is a guide to help you decide which type of tarp is best for your needs.

Import Steel Tarp 4 Foot Drop With End Flap
Import Steel Tarp 4 Foot Drop With End Flap

Steel Tarps for Flatbed Trailer

Steel tarps are designed to protect loads of steel or other metal products from the elements during transport. We make them from heavy-duty vinyl that we design to resist tears and punctures. This makes them ideal for protecting sharp or jagged edges from getting damaged in transit.

The weight of steel loads prevents it from being stacked high and therefore steel tarpaulins are built with shorter side drops, often coming in a 4-foot drop size with two rows of dee-bands to accommodate for the smaller loads it covers. We offer two models of steel tarps: (1) a 4 ft. drop steel tarp with an end flap or (2) a 4 ft. drop steel tarp without an end flap.

Steel tarps are a popular choice of hotshot haulers due to the tarps being smaller and lighter in weight. A set of 2 steel tarps will perfectly fit any 40 ft. gooseneck flatbed trailer.

Import Lightweight Lumber Tarp 8 Foot Drop
Import Lightweight Lumber Tarp 8 Foot Drop

Lumber Tarps for Flatbed Trailer

Lumber tarps provide protection for loads of lumber, plywood, and other wood products during transport. We constructed them using vinyl-coated fabric that is strong enough to protect against wind and rain while still being lightweight enough for a single person to handle. Lumber tarps also feature reinforced grommets along all sides, as well as an extra layer of reinforcement along the edges. This is where they are most likely to wear and tear over time.

Additionally, lumber tarpaulins come with dee-band webbing straps along all four sides so they can easily be secured in place on your flatbed trailer. Lumber tarps will come in 6 ft. and 8 ft. drop sizes to cover taller loads as opposed to steel tarps. While they can cover a wider variety of loads, they will weigh slightly more depending on the tarp material that you choose to go with. We make our Standard lumber tarps from 18 oz. vinyl, so they are heavy-duty and last the longest. However, there are also lightweight 12 oz. vinyl tarp and parachute/airbag fabric tarp options if you need a lighter tarp.

In Conclusion…

Choosing between a steel tarp or a lumber tarp for your flatbed trailer depends on what you’re hauling. Steel tarps offer superior protection for loads of steel or metal products due to their smaller construction and heavier-duty material. Steel tarps will also be more popular among hotshot haulers due to their smaller size and weight, making them very compatible with gooseneck flatbed trailers. On the other hand, lumber tarps provide added protection for loads of wood products due to their larger design for taller loads. Additionally, lumber tarps come in a wider variety of builds and materials to meet your needs. No matter which type of tarp you choose, make sure that you properly secured it onto your trailer before hitting the road! With these tips in mind, finding the right tarp for your flatbed trailer should be much easier!