Harp’s Tarps: Your Go-To Tarp Stop

Mule Mesh Tarp

In Need of a Tarp While on the Road?

Harp’s Tarps is your new go-to tarp stop. We’re located 20-25 minutes outside of the Atlanta area in Stone Moutain, GA–right off of major highway US-78. Sometimes events out of your control happen while on the road: a tarp tears, one of your fasteners breaks, or whatever else unexpected mishap. It is always good to be aware of what tarp stop is nearest to you in case of an incident. You can always count on Harp’s Tarps for your tarp stop.

Variety of Dump Truck Tarps

Mesh Tarps

Different loads require different tarps. Luckily, we offer mesh tarps and asphalt tarps for dump trucks. Our PVC mesh tarps are mesh-coated to protect cargo loads on the road. Our mesh is known to last 30-40% longer than the competition’s mesh due to its heavy-duty material. We make our mesh tarps using a single piece of fabric so that welds do not fall apart on you on the road. They also have double-stiched webbing reinforced edges to prevent the fabric from fraying.

We offer multiple sizes to ensure it fits your truckbed properly. If you don’t see a size you need, you can also order a custom tarp, You would have to order it in advance though.

Mule Mesh Tarp

Asphalt Tarps

We also offer asphalt tarps here at your tarp stop. We build our asphalt tarps from 18 oz vinyl to keep asphalt hot on your hauling journey. Our vinyl asphalt tarps are rated up to 300 degrees, helping avoid asphalt sticking to your dump bed.

Like our mesh tarps, they are made with one seamless single-piece construction. They have webbing-reinforced edges to increase the tarp lifespan.

We offer a plethora of sizes, so you can choose one that best suits your load. You can also choose from import options or domestic options. The import tarps are sourced overseas and are great for those on a budget. The domestic tarps are made locally in our warehouse and insure high-quality protection.

7 Foot Wide Asphalt Tarp
7 Foot Wide Asphalt Tarp

Variety of Flatbed Tarps

Lumber Tarps

When coming to Harp’s Tarps as a tarp stop, you can also find lumber tarps. They come in 6-foot or 8-foot drop options and a tail to protect the cargo loads from harsh conditions on the road.

Lumber tarps are built to be larger than steel tarps, so the loads can be taller. They are also made with the same heavy-duty PVC coating, reinforced tarp tail, and gussets as our dump truck tarps.

We also offer standard lumber tarps and lightweight lumber tarps, The lightweight lumber tarps still continue to have the same heavy-duty material, just easier to maneuver for whoever may be tarping their load.

Import Lightweight Lumber Tarp 8 Foot Drop
Import Lightweight Lumber Tarp 8 Foot Drop

Steel Tarps

Our steel tarps are built with shorter 4-foot drops to protect cargo loads from harsh environmental conditions on the road. As the name states, these are specific, but not limited to, hauling steel. Unlike lumber tarps, steel tarps are for shorter loads because they have shorter drops.

We design them with the same heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl as our other tarps, so they are sure to last. We also offer an optional steep tarp tail in case haulers plan on hauling other materials in addition to steel.

Domestic 4 Foot Drop Steel Tarp
Domestic 4 Foot Drop Steel Tarp

Tarping Accessories

Maybe your situation does not call for you to completely replace your tarp. Maybe you just need some tarp repair tape or some new rubber straps at a tarp stop. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some of our tarp accessories you may need on the road:

Grizzly Tarp Repair Tape-0
Tarp Repair Tape


In Conclusion…Make Harp’s Tarps Your Tarp Stop Today!

If you’re ever in the Metro-Atlanta area, stop by and visit us at Harp’s Tarps! We make sure to keep our inventory stocked in case our customers have mishaps on the road. You can count on us! Even if you’re not in the area, visit us at harpstarps.com or call us at (770) 491-8127 to place an order for delivery.