Convenient Landscaping Tarps & System Combo

As the warmer months roll around, we start to approach prime season for landscapers and landscaping companies. Having the proper tools–like landscaping tarps and landscaping systems–and equipment is essential for these businesses to succeed. That’s where Harp’s Tarps comes in!

Harp’s Tarps is a company that specializes in high-quality tarps for a variety of industries, including landscaping. We offer a combo kit for dump and landscape trailers that gives you a durable landscaping tarp and a manual tarp wind-up unit all in one. There are three options for the landscaping tarp and system unit combo.

7 ft Wide Manual Tarp System Combo Kit

The first option is the 7 ft wide manual tarp system combo kit. You have the option of choosing between an import tarp roller unit (I-LSI1500) or the domestic tarp roller unit (GHS1500). The domestic option is made locally in the Harp’s Tarps warehouse here in Stone Mountain, GA.

After selecting the manual tarp roller that best fits your needs, you then choose your tarp size. The mesh landscaping tarp will be 7 feet wide, and you choose which length you need. Our mesh tarps are durable tarps that will protect your materials from the elements, reducing the need for costly replacements or repairs.

Lastly, select your pull bar. The pull bar helps to distribute the tension evenly across the tarp, making it easier to pull the tarp over the load. It also helps to ensure that the tarp is positioned correctly and that there are no wrinkles or folds in the tarp that could cause it to tear or flap in the wind during transport.

GHS1500 & & ft Wide Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp
GHS1500 & 7 ft Wide Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp

7 ft 6 in Wide Manual Tarp System Combo Kit

If a 7-foot landscaping tarp isn’t wide enough for you, we also have the 7 ft 6 in wide manual tarp system combo kit for dump and landscape trailers. It contains the same manual tarp wind-up unit and 3-piece connected adjustable tarp pull bar. It just has the LSM76 tarp instead, which is our 7 ft 6 in heavy-duty mesh tarp. This combo works the same way in that you choose your specified length.

Manual Tarp System Combo with 18′ Mesh Tarp

Lastly, we have our 18′ manual tarp system combo kit. It includes:

  • adjustable aluminum roller bar
  • aluminum spring handle with rubber grip
  • ratchet mechanism
  • 6’8″ x 18′ PVC mesh tarp
  • and more

Your tarp pull bar of choice is sold separately. This is another great option for landscape trailers and dump trailers.

Manual Tarp System Combo w/ 18' Mesh Tarp
Manual Tarp System Combo w/ 18′ Mesh Tarp

More Landscaping Tarps & Systems

These combo kits are a convenient way to get all the right tools in fewer steps. If you are looking for more tarps or tarp systems outside of the combo kits, feel free to take a look at all the landscape products we have to offer.

We hope we are able to make business easier for you this summer with these tools. We’ve been in business for over 40 years, so we know a thing or two about tarps! For any questions or customizations please give us a call!