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Harp’s Tarps: Your Go-To Tarp Stop

Mule Mesh Tarp

In Need of a Tarp While on the Road? Harp’s Tarps is your new go-to tarp stop. We’re located 20-25 minutes outside of the Atlanta area in Stone Moutain, GA–right off of major highway US-78. Sometimes events out of your control happen while on the road: a tarp tears, one of your fasteners breaks, or […]

Your One-Stop Shop for Trailer Tarps

When it comes to transporting goods, it is essential to properly cover your trailer to protect it from the elements. At Harp’s Tarps, we understand the importance of quality trailer tarps, which is why we’ve been providing the best tarp solutions for over 40 years. As a family-owned and operated business in Stone Mountain, GA, […]

Convenient Landscaping Tarps & System Combo

As the warmer months roll around, we start to approach prime season for landscapers and landscaping companies. Having the proper tools–like landscaping tarps and landscaping systems–and equipment is essential for these businesses to succeed. That’s where Harp’s Tarps comes in! Harp’s Tarps is a company that specializes in high-quality tarps for a variety of industries, […]

When Should I Choose Mesh Tarps?

Mesh Nursery Tarps

Mesh Tarps When looking at our hauling products, you might wonder “Which one is best for me?”. Between vinyl, mesh, and lumite, each product has its pros and cons. This article will specifically focus on mesh tarps and how to find out if it’s the best option for you. To answer your question, it all […]