When Should I Choose Mesh Tarps?

Mesh Nursery Tarps

Mesh Tarps

When looking at our hauling products, you might wonder “Which one is best for me?”. Between vinyl, mesh, and lumite, each product has its pros and cons. This article will specifically focus on mesh tarps and how to find out if it’s the best option for you.

Dump Truck Tarps Options
Dump Truck Tarps Options

To answer your question, it all depends on the level of protection you desire or need for your load. If you want something to completely cover your haul from sunlight, rain, and wind, then mesh tarps may not be your best choice. Mesh is a very breathable material that secures your load while also allowing sun, rain, and wind to come through. Loads like dirt, rock, sand, and gravel work well with mesh tarps because those loads sustain well under different weather conditions. Allowing the wind to pass through the mesh’s tiny openings is important because it creates less wind resistance, decreasing the chances that the truck will blow over. Compared to other materials, mesh is also more lightweight than our other options, making it easier for haulers to adjust and maneuver these types of tarps.

Here at Harp’s Tarps, our mesh tarps are made with a standard PVC vinyl called “Rhino Mesh.” This lightweight, durable material will last 20-40% longer than the competition, ensuring your load’s protection. Our mesh options have a built-in pocket that fits our systems and grommets, so you can securely tarp your load. Check out our systems that effortlessly accompany our tarps.

The LSM Series

For dump trucks, we offer the LSM76 Series and the LSM7 Series. The LSM76 is a 7 foot 6-inch wide heavy-duty dump truck tarp. It has 6 inches of vinyl reinforced pocket to fit our system (or other standard systems), 5 grommets to attach to a roller bar, webbing reinforced wedges for extra endurance, and it is all in a seamless one-piece construction. Choose from tons of size options to meet your hauling needs. As a recommendation, we encourage you to purchase a tarp 2 feet longer than your dump bed. The LSM7 Series is a 7-foot wide heavy-duty dump truck tarp. It has 6 inches of vinyl reinforced pocket, 5 grommets on the front width so it can attach to the roller bar, and webbing reinforced edges. Like the LSM76, we have a variety of sizes, and again, we recommend going 2 feet longer than your dump bed.

Heavy Duty Mesh Dump Truck Tarp (LSM7)

Landscape & Nursery Tarps

We also offer mesh tarps in our landscape & nursery tarps categories. As for nursery tarps, we offer Blade Shade Landscape, Green Tiger, and Multi-Color. Our Blade Shade is made of 100% high-density polyethylene mono-filament mesh, it has solid brass grommets every 24 inches around the hem of the tarp, and it is UV resistant. The Green Tiger Mesh tarps have a 9 x 9 thread count per square inch, they are coated with PVC for abrasion and UV resistance, and they are lined with brass grommets every 30 inches along the tarp’s hem. Lastly, the Multi-Color Mesh tarp has an 11 x 11 thread count per square inch and is also coated with PVC for abrasion and UV resistance, and brass grommets every 30 inches along the hem like the green tiger mesh. To learn more on how you can utilize your nursery tarps, check out this blog post.

In conclusion, mesh tarps are a great lightweight, durable tarp for hauls that can withstand mesh. We offer a variety of options no matter what your haul is. Call us at 770-491-8127 for any inquiries or rates.