Everything You Need to Know About Steel Coil Tarp

Import 18oz Flatbed Coil Cover

So what exactly is a steel coil tarp?

I’m glad you asked! A coil tarp, also known as a coil bag or a coil cover, falls under the flatbed tarp category, and it is a tarp shaped like a cylinder to protect loads with special shapes, specifically steel coils, from damage. 

Coil tarps are designed to protect your load from weather and other external factors while making your life easier. When you use this type of tarp, you can save up to 45 minutes compared to the alternative 4-foot drop steel tarp. It saves the hassle of struggling to find the right-shaped tarp for your cargo because the specialized shape will perfectly fit your coils!

Coil Tarp on Flatbed Trailer
Coil Tarp on Flatbed Trailer

What are the different components of a steel coil tarp?

Example of Coil Tarp
Example of Coil Tarp


  • The cylindrical shape is specially designed to fit those loads that require a round-shaped tarp. Because coils have a unique shape, they often require a coil tarp like the ones we offer instead of your standard flatbed tarp.
  • Our coil tarps come with dee bands and dee rings. The domestic option comes with a single row of dee rings sewn onto the tarp, whereas the import option has two rows of dee rings. The picture showcases our domestic option, which as you can see only has one row. So depending on what your needs are, decide whether the domestic or import option works best for you and your situation.
  • Our 18 oz. vinyl and 22 oz. vinyl coating will protect your load from harsh weather conditions and other external threats. This heavy-duty, durable material will be sure to last you.
  • Coil tarps are lined with brass grommets every 2 inches, allowing haulers to secure their load with straps or rubber bungees to the flatbed. The strategic placement of these rust-free grommets makes the tarping process easy and gives you the security that your load will be protected.

Which steel coil tarp should I get?

The buying process is easy. You’ll want to decide whether you want a domestic or an import. Our domestic options are made here in the USA right in our warehouse in Stone Mountain, GA. Our employees have years of experience and know how to sew the high-quality tarp you’re looking for. We offer two options for our domestic coil tarps: 18 oz. and 22 oz. I would recommend investing in the 22 oz. tarp as it is our most durable and high-quality option that will make sure to last and protect your haul. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the import coil tarp might fit your needs best. 

All of these options come in various sizes:

Why do you have both a domestic and import option?

When searching for coil tarps, some of our customers prioritize different values. Some desire to invest in high-quality products that will last them longer than the alternative, even if that means paying for more upfront (but saving more in the long run). Some of our customers are on a budget and prioritize saving when choosing a product. So, we listened to our customers! We provide an import option for those who are looking to save. We made sure to find a reliable seller that can provide a product that would continue to meet our customer’s needs.


Alright, and what’s the last step to getting my steel coil tarp?

Now, just place your order. You can select and purchase your product on the Coil Tarps tab of our website, or give us a call at 770-491-8127 and we’d be happy to help. While you’re at it, you are welcome to add any of the accessories we offer to your cart. We work hard to get your products to you in a timely and efficient manner. Your product will be in your hands before you know it. From there, you can get to hauling!