What Makes Our Vinyl Tarps Great

There are a ton of different tarp materials on the market: mesh, canvas, vinyl, poly, and more. Knowing which option is best for you can be a tough decision. In this article, we will focus on vinyl tarps, and why our vinyl stands out from the rest.

Vinyl serves a very important role in the transportation industry. It is a heavy-duty material that people often use to keep loads at a certain temperature, like asphalt. When used for hauling asphalt, it helps keep the asphalt hot to prevent it from sticking to the bed of the truck and prevents any costly related repairs related to that. 

It also is just a great, durable, quality tarp that will get the job done. Even if you’re not hauling asphalt, vinyl tarps are sure to last you because of their thickness and heavy-duty PVC. This material is guaranteed to protect your haul from harsh conditions on the road.

Asphalt Tarps

We have a few different tarps here at Harp’s Tarps that use our vinyl. The first option is asphalt tarps (as mentioned above). We have a variety of sizes to make sure it perfectly suits your load. The LSA76 is a 7-foot, 6-inch wide asphalt tarp made from our 18 oz. black waterproof vinyl. It also includes a 6-inch pocket for a wand crossbar, 5 grommets to attach to a tarp win-up bar, and more. The LSA7 is similar to our LSA76, except that it is only 7 feet wide. It is still made with our 18 oz. black waterproof vinyl. These two tarps are domestic which means that we make them in our local warehouse in Stone Mountain, GA.

7 Foot Wide Asphalt Tarp
7 Foot Wide Asphalt Tarp

We also offer import versions of the vinyl asphalt tarps. If cost efficiency is important to you during your shopping experience, then the import options will be your best choice. One example is the I-AS Tarp. This is an import asphalt tarp with side flaps. It is 7 feet wide and made with 18 oz. pure vinyl-coated fabric. It has a seamless stitched 6-inch pocket for a crossbar, reinforced 18-inch side flaps to retain heat, and more. 

Flatbed Tarps

Our durable vinyl material is also used for our flatbed tarps. For our steel tarps, we use an 18 oz. black or custom color waterproof vinyl-coated fabric. A good example of one of our steel tarps is the SS1626WT. This is a 4-foot drop steep tarp with end flaps made with our classic waterproof vinyl. It has dee-band placement 24 inches and 48 inches up from the hem on both lengths & tail. We also offer import options for our steel tarps as well, such as the IS18-BK.

Lumber Tarps

Lastly, you can find our vinyl used in our lumber tarps. We offer a variety of sizes in our lumber tarps, and we even make custom options to perfectly fit your haul’s needs. The vinyl is the same high-quality experience you would find in any of our other tarps. We also offer domestic and import options in our lumber tarps so you can choose whichever you prefer.

Here at Harp’s Tarps, we make quality a priority for our customers. We pride ourselves on our vinyl tarps and work hard to make them great products for our customers. For inquiries or more information, visit us at harpstarps.com or call us at 770-491-8127.