Tarp for Trailer Guide

When it comes to choosing a tarp for your trailer, it can be difficult knowing which one will best suit your situation. There are different shapes, sizes, and materials. Hopefully, this article will guide you to the right decision, so you can make the correct tarp purchase for your trailer.


Mesh Tarps

We have a variety of tarps whether it is for your dump trailer or flatbed trailer. If you are looking for a tarp for trailer, we have mesh tarps and asphalt tarps. Our mesh tarps for trailers come in different sizes and materials, making sure your load is properly covered. The LSM7 and the LSM76 are great options if you are looking for breathable, heavy-duty mesh tarps for your trailer. These products feature double-stitched UV polyester thread and grommets on the pocket to prevent sliding and tearing. We proudly make them in the USA, here in our local warehouse.

Another mesh tarp we offer for trailers is lumite trailer tarp. We offer the LSLS Series and the LSL Series, which are two different sizes so you can choose which best fits your load. These two tarps are made with lumite-style fabric that is 100% black woven polypropylene. They each contain 2 grommets in the pocket to prevent wear and sliding. These are great tarp options for your trailer.

Lumite Tarp
Lumite Tarp

Flatbed Tarps

If you are looking for tarps for your flatbed trailer, we have those as well! We carry lumber tarps, steel tarps, and coil tarps. In our lumber tarps, we offer options with a 6-foot drop or an 8-foot drop. We make these tarps with heavy-duty PVC coating, they have a reinforced tarp tail and gusset, and they contain dee-bands and dee-rings.

As for steel tarps, we have several options that include a 4-foot drop. These will do a great job of protecting cargo loads from harsh conditions on the road. These are made with high-quality 18 oz. vinyl so your tarp lasts. You typically purchase steel tarps in sets of two to fully cover your load. 


Lastly, Harp’s Tarps can provide you with durable coil tarps. These are cylindrical flatbed tarps specifically to protect special-shaped loads from any harsh conditions. We offer three sizes: 5 ft. x 5 ft. x 5 ft, 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 6 ft, and 7 ft. x 7 ft. x 7 ft.

Import 18oz Flatbed Coil Cover
Import 18oz Flatbed Coil Cover

Many of these tarps for trailers come in two different options: domestic and import. The domestic tarps are made here in our warehouse in Stone Moutain, GA. We recommend this choice if you value high-quality products and if you are interested in supporting small, American, family businesses. Our second option is import tarps. We import these internationally, and these are great if you are looking for value alternatives.


If you can’t find the exact tarp for your trailer, we also do custom options! Contact one of our friendly sales representatives to help you find a tarp that will fit your load perfectly!