About Our Tarps for Dump Trucks

Here at Harp’s Tarps, we are able to provide tarps for dump trucks no matter your needs. What sets our tarps for dump trucks apart from others is our tarps are:

  • Made from heavy-duty material that can withstand a variety of weather conditions
  • Includes double-stitched webbing reinforced edges to prevent the fabric from fraying
  • Comes with a tarp pocket with grommets to provide sliding on the system crossbar
  • Rust-resistant grommets to make tarp securement easy

We offer a variety of tarps for dump trucks. Our main two are mesh tarps and asphalt tarps. 

Mesh Tarps

The first option is mesh tarps for dump trucks. We offer two main options in the mesh tarps category: the LSM series and the LSLS series. The LSM mesh tarps are made out of 12 oz. heavy-duty black rhino mesh material. They include:

  • 6-inch vinyl reinforced pocket
  • 5 grommets on front width to attach to roller bar
  • 2 grommets on vinyl reinforced pocket to prevent sliding
  • Seamless one-piece construction
7' Wide Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps - For hauling rock, sand, & debris-577
LSM Mesh Tarp

The LSLS series tarps are made with lumite-style fabric that is 100% black woven polypropylene. They also include:

  • 6-inch pocket for a wand cross bar
  • 2 grommets in each pocket to prevent wear and sliding
  • Double stitched with UV polyester thread

Our mesh tarps are made in a plethora of sizes, ensuring that your load can be properly covered without size being an obstacle. We make a lot of our tarps in our warehouse here in Stone Mountain, GA. We’re proud to make tarps for dump trucks here in the USA to support our local economy. 

Asphalt Tarps

The next category of tarps for dump trucks is asphalt tarps. We make out asphalt tarps with thick 18 oz. vinyl so that your asphalt load stays hot when covered. We offer two options: the LSA series and the AS series. 

LSA style asphalt tarps for dump trucks, also known as Lee Style Asphalt Tarps, do not contain side flaps. They are made with our heat-tested vinyl to make sure your load stays hot. This style is usually purchased 2 feet longer than your dump bed.

7 Foot 6 Inch Wide Asphalt Tarp
7 Foot 6 Inch Wide Asphalt Tarp

The AS style asphalt tarps for dump trucks include 18-inch side flaps to retain heat in your truck. The state of Georgia requires this style of asphalt tarp, so make sure to check your state’s transportation laws and regulations. It is recommended you purchase this style tarp to be the exact length of your dump bed.

We offer both domestic and import options in asphalt tarps. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of options so you can choose what meets your needs best!

Lastly, if none of our styles perfectly suit your situation, you can request a custom tarp. Tell us exactly what you need, and we will be sure to get it to you in no time!